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  • SCR Decom New Method for Steel Catenary Riser Decommissioning Reduces Disruption to Topside Operations
    According to analysts, aging platforms have been decommissioned at the rate of 130 per year for the past 10 years, with asset removals outnumbering the new installations being commissioned. This trend is likely to continue in the US given that more than 40% of the approximately 3,700 active platforms on the outer continental shelf are more than 25 years old.
  • Liberty E-ROV Subsea Vehicles: To Be (resident), or Not to Be?
    Oceaneering has also been working on mid-water/suspended docking cage for its Freedom vehicle and it’s also looking at USVs as the surface asset to support that docking.
  • Remote Inspections Digitizing the Future of Asset Management
    Leveraging technology to access real-time data enables companies to streamline activities, gain operational efficiencies, and improve worker safety by reducing the number of personnel required offshore. This is an evolution of operations that allows workers located around the world to unite as one interconnected team.
  • Radiography Using High Energy X-Rays and Digital Radiography Detector to Locate Lost Inspection Pig
    Maintaining flow assurance is a critical part of operations planning […]
  • Subsea Pumping Technology
    Back in 2019, Oceaneering won a Spotlight on New Technology Award for its novel Subsea Pumping Technology (SPT) designs. Since then, Oceaneering has built hardware around this concept, and in 2020, started long term underwater system qualification testing in concert with a major operator.
  • Isurus ROV Opens Operating Windows for Renewables Projects
    Existing work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are struggling to keep up with the raging tidal currents found at offshore wind and renewable project development areas. Oceaneering was approached to create an ROV solution that would open operational windows in these geographical areas where harsh currents can cause costly project delays.
  • Powering a Sustainable Future
    Oceaneering continues to advance its capabilities by developing technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions for customers and its own operations.
  • E-ROV Time for Renewal in the Work Class World
    Oceaneering’s Peter Buchanan, Director of Products and Services for Subsea Robotics, discusses technology advancements for work class ROVs in the latest Marine Technology Reporter.
  • Rod Larson - Well Servicing Introducing the Energy Workforce and Technology Council
    “A unified sector has always been important,” Rod Larson said. “As a representative of the industry, I think local, state and federal governments need to understand their constituents are really engaged in a positive way — providing jobs, giving back and being critical parts of the local community.”