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  • Liberty E-ROV on a Deployment Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning with a ‘Laptop on the Beach’
    Read how Oceaneering teamed up with TD Williamson to carry out a Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning in the North Sea from shore using remote operations in the latest article from Hart Energy.
  • integrity management and digital solutions overview Corrosion Mapping of Coated and Clad Offshore Assets: Advancements in Electromagnetic Technology
    Offshore asset owners have had to contend with corrosion issues in the splash zone (the section of a marine structure that is periodically in and out of water due to the action of waves or tides) for decades, but a new generation of electromagnetic technology is addressing this challenge by delivering precise, high-resolution data that provides critical insights into asset integrity.
  • remote operations in stavanger, norway Remote Operations are Evolving with ROV/AUV Advancements
    Oceaneering’s Earl Childress discusses how remote operations are evolving with ROV and AUV advancements
  • High-Speed ROV Technology at Subsea Tieback
    The Isurus offshore high-speed ROV is a work class system optimizing hydrodynamic form factor and hydraulic propulsion to operate in challenging currents.
  • A Commitment to the Future of Energy
    Rod Larson, President and CEO of Oceaneering, spotlight’s the company’s firm commitment to developing sustainable technologies for a thriving offshore energy sector.
  • Freedom Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Oceaneering Offers Path to ‘Freedom’
    Oceaneering’s new Freedom AUV marks a change in the subsea […]
  • Integrated Rig Services Oceaneering Supports King’s Quay Project
    Integrated solutions across the oil and gas lifecycle to provide […]
  • subsea tieback operations Stimulating Portfolios: Subsea Tiebacks
    Brazil has excellent feedback on the performance of tiebacks, which […]
  • Isurus ROV for offshore renewables projects Isurus 5 and 6
    Oceaneering launched its fifth and sixth Isurus ROV Systems in […]