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In February 2023, Oceaneering completed a two-and-a-half-year project providing non-destructive testing (NDT) services to support the safe and timely decommissioning of nuclear power facilities in the United Kingdom. A highly regarded service provider to the nuclear industry, Oceaneering was selected to complete x-ray and dye penetrant testing on steel structures used for underground waste disposal.

Our Solution

Our vetted, experienced, and certified technicians completed the non-destructive testing on steel structures tasked with containing what is considered contaminated material from the sites being decommissioned.

The 1.6m cubes are manufactured of acid-grade 316 stainless steel and required double exposure examination on all welds. Our facility in Stockton, UK is uniquely equipped with both the personnel, space, and equipment to best address the stringent inspection requirements and the vast scale of the project. Nearly 10,000 cubes were required to support the first phases of decommissioning alone.

After being manufactured by another provider, the cubes were shipped to our facility where Oceaneering technicians completed the necessary x-ray and dye penetrant testing. Upon verification of the integrity and quality of the welds, the containers could be further prepared for future use in the underground facility.


The team’s ability to deliver quality results, reliably and with consistency, enabled the client to confirm the integrity of critical components required for the decommissioning of the nuclear power facilities. Our experience within the industry played a key role in understanding the project’s requirements and delivering the necessary data on each steel storage container.

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