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In Q2 2023, a major operator contracted Oceaneering’s Energy Intelligence group to use our Inform Predict Analytics Software to improve inspection planning and execution.

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Oceaneering integrity engineers completed an import of approximately 25 years’ worth of inspection results and equipment data from the customer’s integrity data management system (IDMS).

The data was related to 13 individual corrosion circuits across three offshore assets, one of which was a floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

Inform Predict used advanced algorithms to cleanse and correct the data inputs and the software generated a proposed inspection program based on the criticality of the equipment. The system selected inspection points which were grouped into risk categories, from test points with high risk needing inspection to test points safe in all reasonable scenarios.

Corrosion engineers used the outputs generated by Inform Predict to complete field inspections, confirming actual material loss measurements and assessing the state of equipment.



Using Inform Predict alleviated the burden of manually assessing historical data to identify key areas of concern.

Corrosion engineers were able to focus attention on higher risk test points, saving critical engineering effort and supporting the optimization of inspection planning and execution.

The customer adequately assessed risk and confirmed the integrity of their offshore assets. The new inspection data gathered can be input into the Inform Predict platform to be compared against the system’s calculations, confirming the software’s ability to predict precisely and deliver targeted inspection plans.

The customer was able to reduce overall inspection scopes and focus on key areas of concern, best leveraging the expertise of their skilled corrosion engineers. They are currently looking to integrate Inform Predict Analytics Software across additional assets.

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