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In early 2021, Oceaneering assisted with the permanent plug and abandonment (P&A) of two wells located approximately 120 miles offshore Northwest Australia. The field consisted of two-off deviated gas wells drilled at a water depth of approximately 135 m.

As part of the P&A operations, the existing horizontal X-mas tree (HXT) control interfaces needed to be removed via a recovery tool and were replaced with a subsea control interface skid to provide hydraulic control of HXT lines and valves using production and installation hydraulic flying leads (HFLs). The HXTs and associated subsea hardware were covered extensively in marine growth requiring the engineering and manufacture of custom control skids, marine growth acid cleaning shrouds, flying leads, and marine growth removal tools.

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Our Solution

Project scheduling was particularly challenging due to a compressed design-to-delivery timeline. Our Australian-based team met the extensive design requirements by leveraging Oceaneering’s global design engineering pool to ensure around-the-clock progress across time zones.

As required, the project had operational support and increased its resource capacity by using Oceaneering’s design hubs in Stavanger, Norway; Houston, Texas; Morgan City, Louisiana; Aberdeen, Scotland; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Chandigarh, India.

The complex design requirements were navigated through early engagement with the client, generation of design concepts, and production of detailed engineering drawings, and documentation to capture client feedback.

The team was required to complete the procurement, fabrication and machining, assembly and testing of the required equipment within a short timeframe. The team executed the project with detailed project and resource planning, exemplar supply chain management, and the provision of 24-hour operational support.

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Excecution Plan

The full duration of the project from request for quotation (RFQ) to the offshore campaign spanned from May 2020 to March 2021.

The purchase order for the project was issued in September 2020, initiating the engineering and design phase (September-December 2020). Procurement and assembly activities were completed from November 2020 through January 2021 and the hardware underwent testing in January and February. The equipment was mobilized to site in February 2021 and the offshore campaign was executed in March 2021.


By leveraging its extensive experience in the design and build of subsea structures and subsea control systems, the Oceaneering team successfully and safely completed and delivered all services and equipment to the client within the agreed timeframe.

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