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Industry powerhouse Millennium® ROVs and 12-person crew enable installation of dynamic cables.


Renewable Energy




Europe & Middle East

In Q2 2023, an Oceaneering project team and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) were used to support a dynamic inter-array cable installation scope at an offshore floating wind farm off the Norwegian coast. The wind farm is the largest in the world and pushes advances in technologies to provide electricity to nearby oil and gas assets.

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Our Solution

The project, led by Ocean Installer and executed using their Normand Vision vessel, used two incumbent Oceaneering® Millennium ROVs to complete as-found survey, inter-array cable installation, and multibeam echo post-installation survey activities.

A 12-person Oceaneering offshore crew was mobilized to support the 45-day schedule which included multiple tooling reconfigurations of the ROVs.

The expertise of the Oceaneering ROV pilots was integral to ensuring the appropriate load transfer from the installation vessel to the floating structure. Using a clump weight deployed to the seafloor and a modified ROV interface frame capable of taking load off the ROV manipulators, the pilots were able to execute the critical installation sequence without incident.

The ROVs were used to complete post installation surveys using multibeam echo sounder (MBES) equipment mounted via a frame to the top of the ROV. The surveys confirmed successful installation.


The installation project was completed on time and without incident. The newly installed inter array cables provide a connection from existing in-field turbines to five new turbines that were commissioned in August 2023 enabling the operator to drastically reduce CO2 emissions related to energy production.

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