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Incumbent ROV supports successful installation in 85-meter water depths.


Renewable Energy




Europe & Middle East

In August 2023, an Oceaneering crew and Magnum® remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was used to support the installation of a floating wind turbine off the northeast coast of Spain.


An Oceaneering Norwegian-based, 6-person crew was integrated to a large project team consisting of various third parties to ensure the safe and effective installation of the project’s floating wind turbine.

The installation vessel’s Magnum ROV was used to complete disconnect operations, set up tensioning required to position the turbine using a single point of mooring, and executed the pull in and as-left survey of the site’s dynamic cable.

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The ROVs provided a downtime-free service during the operations over a course of just under two weeks. The turbine was safely installed, without incident enabling the end client to progress with the site’s activities.

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