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ROV-friendly design addresses riser leaks to bring production back to normal operating levels.


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In early 2022, a major operator approached Oceaneering seeking a solution to address anomalies affecting production.

The client had noted pressure loss on one of their 12-inch water injection risers off the coast of West Africa. Further investigation completed by remotely operated vehicle (ROV) identified several leak paths that required expedited intervention.

Our Solution

The client wanted Oceaneering to develop an ROV-installable solution that would contain leaks on the riser and support production for the next two years.

Our team completed a comprehensive front end engineering and design (FEED) study using an agile process that supported concept development and enabled a narrowing of intervention solutions.

Using the FEED process, the team was able to identify the most viable approach, and experts at our Norway facilities started the detailed engineering process in August. They developed a lightweight, compact, and ROV-friendly design, capable of sealing a pressure of 245 bar. The development included a prototype and supporting systems integration testing hardware that simulated varied sealing criteria.

The clamp’s final design and supporting tooling included a patch clamp that was installed on the riser, visual indicators to ensure proper location on the asset, ROV installation tools, and cleaning tools capable of clearing extensive marine growth on the riser’s surface.

Oceaneering manufactured six of the bespoke patch clamps which were shipped to our facilities in Angola along with their supporting tooling. Oceaneering ROVs and technicians completed the installation in January 2023. The clamp was successfully located over the leak points, the surface area for the seal cleaned extensively to provide an adequate sealing face, and the clamp’s sealing plug inserted, locked in position, and torqued to complete the installation.


The patch clamps were installed safely and have mitigated the pressure loss in the riser thereby restoring production levels.

The Oceaneering design provided not only a reliable seal but was easy and quick to install; two clamps were installed per shift.

This clamp design equips Oceaneering with a quick intervention solution that can be manufactured at a number of our global facilities and customized to suit leaks on a variety of pipe diameters.

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