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Multi-year contract leverages experience and expertise to provide oversight.


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Oceaneering recently completed its sixth year delivering managed audit support at UK nuclear power plants as part of a multi-year contract for a major global energy supplier.

Our Solution

Fourteen highly-qualified Level 3 Oceaneering inspection engineers complete managed audit programs at seven operational nuclear power plants across the UK.

A third-party provider completes the required ongoing maintenance and inspection, and Oceaneering has been entrusted to complete audits of their reported findings, confirming the accuracy of information while ensuring compliance.

The team of Oceaneering engineers is responsible for auditing multiple inspection methods and data captured across asset types, from pipework to turbine components and more. The knowledge and oversight provided by the engineers is essential to supporting the client’s internal teams tasked with making maintenance and intervention related decisions.


Our ability to work alongside the client’s internal teams and provide them with a trusted solution for audits enables them to safely keep assets online, avoiding the astronomical cost associated with shutdown and lack of energy production.

Leveraging the expertise within Oceaneering enables value-adding decision making, especially when related to life extension, where our findings can be used to build safety cases to extend asset longevity.

The 2024 campaign will mark the seventh year of our auditing contracts with the client. Upon completion, there is the possibility of securing an additional two-year contract extension.

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