Case Study

Proactive response and guidance ensures safe and efficient execution of lifting operations for infrastructure project in Norway.

Image: Thomas Hagen


In a testament to the vital role of expert engineering and proactive problem solving in complex infrastructure projects, Oceaneering Crane and Lifting AS successfully navigated challenges in a 150 Tonne lifting operation for a significant project in Southwest Norway.

In June 2023, Oceaneering was contracted to specify lifting equipment for a dynamic, floating structure tasked with transporting sizable bridge pillar protection frames for a critical infrastructure project. The scope included safe load calculations, configurations, and procedural drawings for slings and lifting beams.

However, during the meticulous analysis of lifting equipment, Oceaneering's engineering team raised concerns regarding the robustness of the connection points on the pillar protection frame structures. Recognizing the client's lack of in-house expertise, Oceaneering took a proactive stance and expanded their scope to assess and confirm the points' suitability against applicable standards and anticipated operational forces.

Our Solution

Thorough Analysis: Engineers used available information, operational data, and finite element analysis (FEA) to scrutinize lifting points, considering sideways forces and flexion.

Proactive Approach: Engaging with the client, the team identified potential weaknesses and suggested design modifications, addressing the issues before the actual lift operation.

Connection Point FEA

Early Issue Detection: Oceaneering's proactive approach ensured the early detection of potential problems, averting safety hazards during the lift operation.

Efficient Project Execution: The frames were successfully lifted and installed, enabling the safe opening of the bridge in mid-2023. Oceaneering's expertise contributed to smoother and more efficient project execution.

Client Satisfaction: The client lauded the value of early error detection and Oceaneering's role in developing corrective actions, acknowledging our contribution to the overall success of the project.

This project underscores the crucial role of thorough engineering analysis and collaboration in lifting operations. Oceaneering's commitment to safety, proactive problem-solving, and client collaboration showcased how expert guidance can prevent costly mistakes while ensuring the success of lifting projects.

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