Oceaneering PortVision® 360 Vessel Tracking

In 2006, four major refineries in the Sabine-Neches waterway funded an initiative to use newly mandated automatic identification system (AIS) signals to monitor vessel traffic around their terminals. The goal was to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve operations for all stakeholders in the waterway.

In 2007, the Oceaneering® PortVision® service launched.

Since then, the PortVision service has been the premier AIS-based vessel tracking service in the maritime industry. Our web-based service provides a visual display of real-time vessel activities around the world. You can track your fleet of vessels, set email and text alerts for various vessel activities, filter out unnecessary data, and create custom vessel zones around your marine assets.

Historical Vessel Data

If you are in need of historical AIS information, our PortVision service data warehouse has more than 100 billion vessel event records dating back as far as 2007. You can view a vessel’s trackline on the map, export position and event reports, and use an animated vessel playback to see exactly what occurred during an incident. The PortVision service also offers additional satellite AIS coverage for tracking vessels in the middle of the ocean or in very remote areas.

Thee Oceaneering® PortVision® 360 service was our update to the original system. The PortVision 360 service has all of the same features of the original, plus a new user interface, more powerful alerts, real-time weather filters, redesigned vessel tracks, and more.

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