Media and Integrity Management

The Oceaneering Media Vault (OMV) enables you to upload and access data-rich files via a secure web connection regardless of location or internet speed.

We specialize in delivering 4K streaming video from the most remote locations at some of the deepest depths in the world, so it is only natural that we would provide an intuitive solution for storing these content-rich files. Our customers have seen significant value in consolidating antiquated disk space and obscure data lakes into a globally accessible and secure web-based suite.

Microsoft Azure's optical character recognition, speech-to-text, and machine vision features have greatly accelerated the path toward automation and efficiency for OMV users. Human cognition is no longer required to search through terabytes of video, enabling you to focus on your core business.


OMV users enjoy the following solution benefits:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Inter-operability

Common Use Cases

Transition decades of analog film to a digital rights-protected platform

Experience seamless playback of archived and real-time media content

Share globally your best practices, safety, and strategy media

Integrate surveillance video with badge systems, fire alarms, and fiber perimeter detection

We leverage our knowledge of proprietary interfaces and applications to truly align with your vision.

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