INFORM™ Vision

Cloud-based 3D Digital Asset Management Solution

Transforming visual inspection with a streamlined digital asset management approach.

The Future of Asset Management

INFORM™ Vision, Powered by GDi, offers seamless integration into existing systems, ensures shutdowns are effectively supported, and helps clear inspection and maintenance backlogs. With INFORM Vision you can improve your onsite inspection efficiency by up to 40%, thereby allowing for more effective resource allocation.

Reduce personnel offshore

Cut the time to complete visual inspections

Make informed decisions based on real-time data

Effectively manage backlogs

Digitize Your Processes and Optimize Asset Performance

Built on a foundation of innovative technologies and with asset integrity and maintenance at its core, INFORM Vision uses laser scanning, machine learning, and AI to rapidly capture and process vast amounts of highly accurate engineering data via point cloud and HD photogrammetry. By integrating market-leading software and generating advanced 3D models of assets, INFORM™ Vision users can establish the external condition of assets remotely, enabling better decision-making.

  • Process extensive datasets quickly
  • Reduce downtime, saving time and expenditure
  • Expedite repair turnarounds with highly accurate data
  • Mitigate likelihood of an unplanned integrity or maintenance issue
  • Improve reporting accuracy and speed
Man looking at a large screen showing inspection data

Innovative Decision-Making

INFORM Vision provides a holistic, interactive overview of an asset that can be used by remotely based personnel. The advanced scanning methodology reduces the time required to complete visual inspections necessary to make engineering decisions.

  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Detects and tags anomalies automatically
  • Provides clear visualization of geo-located plant condition
  • Remote inspection can be delivered 24/7
  • Overcomes delays related to permitting
  • Independently accredited with ISO 17020 certification

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