Asset Integrity

Our optimized, industry-leading inspection services and integrity management solutions assure you are equipped with the data required to make informed, value-adding decisions.

Reduce risk with cost-effective solutions.

We have more than 50 years of experience in managing inspections and safely applying advanced technologies to gather the data you need to make informed decisions. Our comprehensive range of services, from the inspection of a single component, to a full-scale integrity management program, ensure you are able to leverage the benefits of our industry-leading technologies and services to save time and expenditure—regardless of industry.

We Leverage Experience and Industry Best Practices to Deliver the Solutions You Require

  • Integrated asset integrity approach that enhances resource optimization and vendor management
  • Use of the industry’s most trusted and advanced inspection technologies
  • Multidisciplinary teams that facilitate consistency and efficiency in execution
  • Programs available for cost-saving, comprehensive continuous monitoring of known areas of concern or anomalies
  • Services enabling the monitoring and inspection of previously inaccessible locations
  • Highly skilled teams that complete inspection, interpret results, and offer recommendations

In-Service Inspection

We offer industry-leading conventional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection technology. State-of-the-art equipment and multi-certified technicians meet the ever-increasing demands of your most complex integrity concerns.

  • Conventional NDT
  • Advanced NDT (specialist inspection services)
  • Subsea inspection
  • Vendor inspection
  • Crane and lifting equipment inspection

Inspection Management

We provide inspection management services that ensure you are equipped with the information and data you need to focus efforts on value-adding intervention. We work with you to optimize your inspection-based expenditure with tailored programs including services such as program development, execution of work, and interpretation and management of inspection data.

Integrity Management

We develop integrity and maintenance management plans that identify the best methods and the optimized frequency of inspection for reducing costs while maintaining your assets in their best-possible state. We have leveraged our decades of experience in topsides, hulls, and subsea infrastructure to develop tailored programs for structural integrity management, process plant integrity management, and subsea asset integrity.

Ensuring Access

We provide the access, flexibility, and efficiency you need to meet your inspection requirements. Our ability to collect data in a safe and timely manner ensures you can make informed decisions concerning the integrity of your assets—no matter their location. Our methods and technologies are provided worldwide.

  • Rope access
  • Unmanned aircraft systems (UASs)
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
  • Mini remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

Surface and Insulation Management

We support the coating, passive fire protection (PFP), and insulation maintenance of your assets by providing a bespoke range of tailored services, from database creation to complete fabric maintenance program management.

Floating Systems Inspection and Integrity Services

We provide fully managed, risk-based inspection and integrity management services for floating systems. Our scalable solutions provide the services and technologies you require to operate safely and maintain regulatory compliance.

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