Oceaneering Wins Monitoring and Inspection Scope of Work in Carbon Trust-Led Floating Wind Joint Industry Partnership

May 11, 2018 — Houston, Texas — Oceaneering International, Inc. (“Oceaneering”) announced today that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Oceaneering International Services Limited, has been selected as a contributor to the Carbon Trust-led Floating Wind Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) study supporting the monitoring and inspection requirements for commercial floating wind power projects.

Oceaneering will deliver a study to investigate monitoring and inspection requirements for floating wind farms, including programs associated with the components used in commercial deployments. Floating wind farms require a large number of components, such as hulls, mooring lines, anchors, and cabling. The extensive list of required assets has the potential to create challenges for operators when developing cost-effective monitoring and inspection solutions. Oceaneering will draw on its extensive experience in the oil and gas industry to develop a risk-based approach to monitoring and inspection programs, as well as identify innovative technologies that can support cost reduction.

“This award demonstrates Oceaneering’s ability to effectively utilize the knowledge of its talented employees to develop best practices that can reshape this growing industry. We believe our previous experience in underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) positions us well to support new and emerging monitoring and inspection methods. We look forward to working with the Carbon Trust and the members of the Floating Wind JIP to develop targeted, more economical solutions that will shape the future of inspections in the offshore wind industry,” said Paul O’Brien, Integrity Manager, UK, at Oceaneering.

To learn more about the Carbon Trust’s Floating Wind JIP, visit https://www.carbontrust.com/offshore-wind/floating/floating-wind-jip/.