Oceaneering Press Release | Oceaneering’s TerminalSmart™ Platform Enhanced to Improve All Liquid Terminal Product Transportation Logistics

Oceaneering’s TerminalSmart™ Platform Enhanced to Improve All Liquid Terminal Product Transportation Logistics

December 5, 2017 — Houston, Texas — Oceaneering International, Inc. (“Oceaneering”) today announced that its TerminalSmart platform has been improved to efficiently manage liquid terminal product movements across an entire terminal, while supporting a range of functions. The TerminalSmart platform is a hub for terminal logistics ranging from facilitating key performance indicators to warning users about scheduling conflicts.

Robert Kessler, Program Manager for Maritime Global Data Solutions of Oceaneering, said, “Customers can use TerminalSmart to manage all product movements within and between their facilities by land and through pipelines, as well as by rail, truck and vessel. We will continue to integrate new features across the logistics chain as we help increase efficiency and reduce waste and associated costs for terminal operators and their customers.”

As the only liquid terminal optimization solution with Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel-tracking technology at its core, TerminalSmart enables significantly reduced average dock delay times while increasing monthly vessel calls. Oceaneering is now extending these efficiency benefits throughout the terminal. The enhanced TerminalSmart platform improves and standardizes terminal-wide productivity best practices and benchmarking, generates insights for reducing demurrage and other costs, optimizes product flow and volume availability, pre-empts scheduling conflicts, enhances asset utilization, and develops capital investment analyses.

For more information, visit oceaneering.com/asset-intelligence-and-management/terminal-and-dock-management/.

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