Survey Services

Fully integrated solutions that exceed your surface and subsea survey requirements

Oceaneering provides a wide range of survey services for the land and offshore oil and gas industry, the telecommunications industry and government organizations.

Surveying and Mapping - Platform Installation Positioning Services

Our survey teams provide precise and repeatable positioning services for drilling rigs, pipeline lay barges, and derrick barges during the placement of structures, templates and platforms.

Surveying and Mapping - Deepwater Geophysical Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Survey Launch

Our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Surveys provide high-resolution geo-hazard surveys, inspection surveys, archaeological assessments, government and academic surveys up to 4500m water depths.

Surveying and Mapping - AUV Laser Pipeline Inspection Data

From your pipeline’s Front End Engineering and Development (FEED) through its decommissioning, Oceaneering delivers timely and relevant AUV survey data for well-informed decision making.

Surveying and Mapping Services - Land Well Location Survey

The Land Survey Division specializes in cadastral surveys, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, and horizontal and vertical control surveys, etc.

Surveying and Mapping - Multibeam Data for a Geohazard Block Survey Report

The Geoscience Services Division specializes in geohazard assessments, marine archaeological assessments and integrated geotechnical / geophysical studies.

Surveying and Mapping - Shallow Water Geophysical Piston Core Sampling

Our integrated service approach offers clients a wide variety of shallow water hazard survey and geophysical mapping options to address all your survey requirements.

Surveying and Mapping - Geotechnical Laboratory Soil Testing

Our Houston based geotechnical soil testing facility offers a full complement of geotechnical laboratory testing services ranging from basic index tests to advanced static and dynamic tests.

Surveying and Mapping - M/V Sea Scout Updating Nautical Charts for NOAA

Oceaneering provides survey services for government organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Army Corps of Engineers, etc.

Surveying and Mapping - CCGIS Map GIS Application Provides Maps Offshore Infrastructure Wells, Platforms, Pipelines, etc.

Our Geospatial Data Management Group utilizes “CCGIS Map™ Professional” to store, validate and retrieve data for rapid responses to your ongoing operations or emergency situations.