Oceanodesy Coordinate Converter

The Oceanodesy iOS app enables you to convert geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to grid coordinates (easting and northing) and vice versa.

The app also allows you to input a variety of coordinate formats, including decimal degrees, decimal minutes, and decimal seconds—and to enter grid coordinates as U.S. survey feet, international feet, or meters.
Oceanodesy supports a range of coordinate systems, including WGS84, NAD27, NAD83, ED50, and more.

Oceanodesy App Features

The app gives you the ability to store any converted points for future reference. This list can also be exported via email, iMessage, Twitter, or many other platforms via the iOS device’s native share functionality.
Each converted coordinated can be viewed in Google Maps. New coordinates can be entered and stored from the map as well.


Oceanodesy uses the proj.4 library, which is a well-established and supported geodetics library. This is the same library used by Oceaneering® C-Nav software applications.

The app is designed for use with all currently available iPhone, iPod, and iPad models, and runs on iOS 8.1 and higher.

If you have any questions, email app-support-oii@oceaneering.com. If you have any coordinate systems you would like to see added, please provide details and we will evaluate them for inclusion in our next release.