Land and Coastal Water Surveys

We specialize in providing cadastral, boundary, topographic, hydrographic, horizontal and vertical control, shallow-water hazard, quantity/volume, proposed pipeline, pipeline construction, depth-of-cover, pipeline as-built, well location, flowline, and river and canal crossing surveys.

To meet a range of surveying requirements, we provide alignment charts, plan and profile maps, right-of-way and unitization drawings, aerial photo mapping, and legal descriptions used for permitting with a variety of government agencies.

Our survey teams receive formal health, safety, and environmental (HSE) instruction—covering first aid, CPR, small boat operations, defensive driving, H2S, and water survival—prior to mobilization. Personnel are trained to perform in environmentally sensitive wetlands, uplands, swamps, marshes, coastal waters, and river and canal crossings. All of our survey teams are Veriforce® and ISN® compliant.

From our Lafayette, La., office, we offer professional survey services in the following U.S. state: Louisiana (Certificate of Authorization VF.0000747).

Land Survey

We offer a wide range of land survey capabilities.

  • Unit surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • State lease nominations
  • GPS control surveys
  • Geographic information system (GIS) services
  • Side-scan sonar surveys
  • Magnetometer surveys
  • Mineral history mapping
  • 360° scanning sonar surveys
  • Site clearance surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Aerial photo base maps

Pipeline Survey

In coastal waters, we use high-quality and reliable pipeline inspection methods and technologies to verify the integrity of submerged structures. We provide higher-quality data in less time and at a lower cost than alternative methods.
  • Preliminary planning maps
  • Right-of-way plats
  • River and canal crossing surveys (to satisfy 49 CFR 195.412 – Inspection of rights-of-way and crossings under navigable waters)
  • Shallow-water hazard surveys     
  • Construction layout surveys
  • As-built/depth-of-cover surveys
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit drawings
  • Alignment sheets

Preliminary Planning Maps

Preliminary planning maps use aerial photography as a backdrop and are helpful in the planning and design of in-field infrastructure (including pipelines, flowlines, and wells) as well as in addressing landowners and government agencies when evaluating regulatory requirements and restrictions.

We provide invaluable data for use in determining the number of road, river, bayou, stream, and pipeline crossings that will be encountered in a planned pipeline route. Data on right-of-way ownership, the type of terrain expected, and evidence of potential wetlands are included in each of our planning maps.

Well Location

When you want to determine the best location for a new well, we provide the following data and services.
  • Staking of proposed well locations
  • Location of plugged and abandoned wells
  • Pre- and post-dredging surveys     
  • Saltwater disposal well surveys
  • Louisiana Office of Conservation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit drawings
  • Drillsite surveys
  • Flowline surveys