Production, Testing and Qualification

Oceaneering produces subsea valves with an uncompromising focus on safety, quality and reliability.


In-House Team

Borescope Inspection

Borescope Inspection

Our in-house team of engineers and craftsmen maximizes control and quality of every process. We integrate quality into every step of production, testing and qualification.



State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

Precision engineering provides you with the highest quality valves with premium benefits. We use state-of-the-art equipment to create, measure and verify each part we produce.

Dimension and surface control

Dimension and surface control


100% Tested

Subsea valve testing

Subsea valve testing

Our valves are 100% tested and rigorously qualified to guarantee at least 30 years reliable operation in extremely harsh subsea conditions of 4,000m (13,120 ft) and up to 1,380 bar (20,000 psi).




  • In-house capabilities – from concept to qualification
  • Blending craftsmanship and high technology
  • Superior, customized equipment
  • Assembly & testing in an over-pressurized cleanroom environment
  • 100% valve testing


  • Greater control of all production phases
  • Higher quality, more reliable valves
  • 100% product traceability


subsea valves ready for shipment

Subsea valves ready for shipment