Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV)

Chemical Injection Throttle Valves (CTVs) deliver continuous, controlled subsea injection of a wide variety of chemicals to improve flow performance and enhance oil recovery.


1,000+ CTVs Supplied Worldwide

We put our first CTV on the seabed in 1995. Today, we have supplied more that 1,000 CTVs worldwide.


Using CTVs in Harsh Subsea Environments

Our CTVs are suitable for use in harsh subsea environments with pressures up to 1035 bar (15,000 psi) and depths of 3,630 m (11,900 ft).

The CTVs are remotely operated and ROV retrievable. They are available in high flow, medium flow and low flow configurations.



High Flow CTV

Flow rates: 2-200 l/min (760 – 76,081 gal/day)
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Medium Flow CTV

Flow rates: 0.5-11 l/min (190 – 4,185 gal/day)
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Low Flow CTV

Flow rates: 1-1200 ml/min (0,38 – 456 gal/day)
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For testing of all CTV functionalities on a subsea control system.
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Key Features of CTV

  • Field proven – 1,000+ CTVs supplied worldwide
  • Self cleaning and clog resistant design
  • Increased fluid path and mechanical scraper – no filter needed
  • Operator has full control of valve regulation


Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) - Low flow

Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) and Receptacle (RCH)


Animation Showing CTV