µ-GLIDE Positioning System


The µ-Glide (“Micro-Glide”) are miniature, motorized translation stages with custom controllers.   Both the 2 and 3-axis versions of the stage provide 6mm of travel per axis, and step resolutions of as low as 1 micron.  Oceaneering Space Systems developed the stages to be used as goniometer heads for crystallography diffraction.  The µ-GLIDE is used to center crystals real time in front of an X-ray beam, remotely allowing safe optimal crystal data collection.  The system is small, meeting the volume constraints of goniometers in the field.  The µ-GLIDE controller contains a fully autonomous microprocessor that manages motion control.  It is commanded using a keypad and backlit LCD as the user interface.  The controller also accepts simple ASCII commands via an RS-232 link from a remote PC using our remote console application or other custom software.