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Oceaneering’s Terabot® family of robot arms consists of a range of multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) all-electric manipulators capable of a wide variety of tasks. The Terabot-S robot manipulator is the latest in the series and has an excellent payload-to-weight ratio making it a perfect solution for many mobile robotics applications such as first responders, military EOD, surveillance, mining, research, and CBRN sampling.

Since the Terabot-S is platform independent, it can be fitted to virtually any unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The Terabot-S robotic arm also features an optional Spatially Correspondent (SC) master user interface for incredibly intuitive control, which allows the operator to focus on the task, not the robot. Once you try the using the arm with the spatially correspondent master controller, you’ll never want to go back to the old way you used to endure clunky joystick or arduous joint-by-joint control.

Terabot-S with Spatially Correspondent Master

The manipulator joints have integrated clutches for constant protection against overloads and are fully sealed, making them water/dust tight and easy to clean after a dirty job. The manipulator uses a tool-free, quick-release, manual end-effector interface making change outs typically take less than 60 seconds. A variety of custom tooling and end effectors can be supplied based on your specific needs or you can choose to integrate your own tooling on a quick-release interface plate. Cartesian control options are also available to provide true end-point gripper control and automated routines for redundant tasks.


  • Flexible system performs complex tasks
  • Intuitive control greatly minimizes training
  • Quick-release interface allows easy installation of user tools/sensors
  • Joint clutches provide constant protection against overloads
  • Operation in harsh environmental conditions
  • System may be washed / decontaminated
  • User I/O pass thru minimizes external cables
  • Lightweight system can be fitted to many vehicles as OEM or retrofit
  • Open command/data interface allows connection to any user system
  • Low power consumption extends vehicle battery life


  • 5-DOF + gripper, articulated robotic arm, and high efficiency digital controller
  • Integrated joint overload clutches
  • Absolute joint encoding, clutch independent
  • Mobility platform independent
  • High payload-to-weight ratio
  • Manual quick-release tool changeout
  • Open serial interface protocol
  • Compact, low profile stowage
  • Joint space control
  • Optional SC master controller
  • Optional 2 jaw bypass type gripper
  • Optional Cartesian space control
  • Optional scalable link sizes for custom configurations


  • Military operations/EOD
  • First responders
  • Tactical law enforcement
  • Biotech/Biochem response & cleanup
  • Education/Research
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) sampling


* Minimum order of 10 units