Robonaut 2

Oceaneering Space Systems is playing a key role in the development of the next generation of robots for use in the aerospace, undersea, military and automotive industries. The Robonaut 2 is a dexterous anthropomorphic (human-like) robot which takes robots to the next level – faster, more dexterous, and more technologically advanced. This new generation is able to use robotic hands to perform work beyond the scope of previous humanoid robots.

Oceaneering Space Systems engineers have incorporated leading edge control, sensor, and vision technologies and continue to provide mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software support for the project at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Many systems and situations that require servicing in harsh environments, such as satellites in space, offshore oil & gas platforms, and even explosive ordnance in the battlefield, were never designed to be serviced by another machine. An anthropomorphic robot mimics human physiology, and is able to use tools designed for humans to perform safe and complex operations in very dangerous environments.

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Oceaneering® provides three sizes of Junction Plates for versatility and economy for subsea hydraulic connection. They are populated with ¼, ½, 1, 1½ inch either Peek® elastomeric or metal seal hydraulic couplings.

Flying leads are available configured with most all industry standard CRA tubing or with thermoplastic hose. Oceaneering® can provide flying leads using encased and extruded umbilical or can employ the versatility of a loose tube bundle configuration.

Umbilical Terminations and Distribution Units are custom designed to accommodate the complete distribution of all hydraulic lines and electrical functions.

Customers often ask for support with long term stowage, long distance transportation, and installation of flying lead systems. Oceaneering® offers flying leads packaged in a reusable, light but strong, metal shipping pallets or multiple units delivered on vertical reels.

In conjunction with subsea pipe manifolds, Oceaneering® has supplied many configurations of Subsea Pig Launchers. Subsea launching can be useful in eliminating multiple flow-lines, or be available as a contingency should pigging be required as unanticipated system parameters change.

Oceaneering® can provide pipeline jumpers manufactured and qualified to ISO and API standards integrating multiple types of flow-line connector systems.

Pipeline Terminations and Manifolds are offered in custom configurations to meet field or installation requirements. Oceaneering® will provide the bottom stability, jumper stability, intervention aspects, and installation engineering to ensure success.




    Oceaneering is the world’s largest Work Class ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operator and the leading provider of ROVs to the oil and gas industry.


    Oceaneering is the world’s largest Work Class ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operator and the leading provider of ROVs to the oil and gas industry.