Constellation Space Suit System

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In March 2009 OSS was selected by NASA to develop and produce the Constellation Space Suit System (CSSS), a new space suit for solar system exploration. The CSSS is a key component of the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) System for NASA’s Space Exploration program. It will be used to sustain the U.S. presence in low Earth orbit, help establish an outpost on the moon, and lay the foundation for further human exploration of the solar system.

Oceaneering is designing and building the Configuration 1 CSSS, which will be used during launch, abort, and re-entry of the new Orion spacecraft, and for contingency extravehicular activity (EVA, or space walks). The contract also includes options to build additional Configuration 1 suits, provide ongoing CSSS-related operational and training support, and design and build the CSSS Configuration 2 suit, which will be used for EVA on the lunar surface. These options could extend the contract through 2020.

The Oceaneering-led team includes United Space Alliance, LLC, David Clark Company Incorporated and its subsidiary Air-Lock, Incorporated, Harris Corporation, Honeywell Aerospace, Cimarron Software Services, Inc., Paragon Space Development Corporation, Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, and ILC Dover LP.