Science and Research

We have a long track record of solving technical and operational challenges for a diverse range of customers. We collaborate with you to control costs and maximize operational efficiency.

Our teams continually gain experience and learn new lessons that can be applied to your operation. Our motivation is not to further our own research missions, but to provide you with the world-class technologies and personnel needed to reach your goals.
No matter the project, efficiency and respect are in our DNA. Throughout a project’s lifetime, we continually seek opportunities for improvement—from pre-planning and design to mobilization. We are the committed partner for your science and research needs.

Simplified Pre-Planning and Logistics

To help you meet research objectives, we leverage our existing global footprint and think creatively. Limited budgets do not have to mean limited capabilities.

For example, our multi-service vessels (MSVs), ROVs, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) operate around the world, enabling us to be more strategic when planning projects. By identifying the assets scheduled to be in your area of investigation at a given time, we significantly reduce shipping costs and downtime.

To further increase efficiency, we can now ship dedicated scientific equipment kits to locations around the world. The kits upgrade our existing work class ROVs, which have already been mobilized, to perform research-specific tasks.

Experience the Advantages

Our teams include experts in ROV operation, subsea surveying, geographic information system (GIS) analysis, vessel management, manufacturing, and more.

As the world leader in ROV services, our teams include highly skilled ROV supervisors and pilot technicians. Compared with pilots who only perform research work, our technicians log significantly more piloting hours each year across a variety of jobs.

On the subsea surveying side, our personnel leverage their experience to deliver faster, more successful operations. We enable you to achieve more objectives per deployment, helping control costs and improve turnaround times between deployments.

Research and Work Class ROVs

For ROV-based surveying or video capture in shallow or deep waters, we use the lightweight, easily deployed Global Explorer ROV. This vehicle is rated to 9,800 fsw (3,000 msw), and provides unmatched video and photo clarity at any depth.

Alternatively, if the scope of work calls for it, we can use one of our many light work or work class ROVs, plus our dedicated scientific kits. Visit our ROV Systems page to learn about the variety of vehicles we have ready to work.

Subsea Survey and Mapping

We provide a wide range of survey, mapping, data, and geoscience services. Our vast portfolio of vessels (including the DSV Ocean Project and smaller boats, as well as AUVs) can be used in deep and coastal waters.

We also offer worldwide differential global navigation satellite system (DGNSS) positioning and related data processing services to deliver mission-critical information. You achieve your benthic, pelagic, and seafloor seep survey, archaeology, coring, and pisciculture objectives with greater accuracy and less downtime.

Additionally, we work with you to provide documentation to agencies such as the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Data and Communication Solutions

Our in-house data experts design and deploy custom GIS solutions that provide accurate visibility of parameters such as weather and vessel position. We enable high-speed communication between offshore and onshore teams, increasing total project efficiency.

We provide high-resolution video streaming from both subsea ROV-deployed cameras and unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). Combined with user-friendly media storage, we provide unmatched access to your project data.

Engineering and Project Management

We partner with you from project start to finish. If you require custom equipment or access to hard-to-reach locations, our ROV, AUV, tooling, and sensor experts can find the solution.

We use our experience in managing a global asset base to help manage your project more effectively. Our team members are available as needed to pre-plan operations, solve logistics challenges, and mobilize resources to keep your project on time and under budget.