Rig Chase

Drill holes efficient and find precious hydrocarbons.

The Rig Chase™ Program enables the drilling rig to leave the well site after retrieving the BOP, reducing time on location and increasing the rig move weather window.








Our Rig Chase Program™ increases the return of capital invested (ROCI) by each well. Removing a non-value adding part of the drilling schedule to a low cost vessel improves utilization of a rig slot.


Subsea Wellheads
Removed in the North Sea

Multi String Conductors
Removed Worldwide

Rig Chase™ Program

Operational Sequence

Vessel Specifications (Minimum)

  • One focal point
  • Well site assessment - with Norwegian Fishing Monitoring Center
  • Logistics coordination
  • Retrieval & Installation supervision
  • Vessel-based subsea wellhead removal
  • Video survey of site
  • Debris removal, soil sample, additional survey, etc.
  • Lump sum based contract
  • Rig leave well - after BOP and anchor retrieval
  • Launch of PGB retrieval tool
  • Installing net guard 
  • Interim period
  • Rig Chase™ vessel arrival
  • Retrieving net guard and subsea wellhead
  • Subsea wellhead is demobilized
  • Transportation of subsea wellhead to manufacturer
  • DP2 class
  • 600m² deck space
  • 1 work class ROV
  • 1x active heave compensated crane 90Te

A vessel based wellhead removal able to cut and retrieve 
from 7” to 36” casing in one deployment.

Subsea wellhead removal is conducted according to OSPAR & Norsok D-010.


pdficon_small Rig Chase spec sheet

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