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Avoid severe economic and environmental impacts associated with subsea pipeline failures and sudden production stoppages. Covering a broad range of sizes, pressure ratings, and water depths, we complete subsea inspection, identify failure modes, prepare damaged assets, and perform repairs that bring your production back online quickly.

When it comes to creating the best pipeline repair solution for you, we are committed to Connecting What's Needed with What's Next™.

Failure Mode Identification

We deploy a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to visually inspect pipelines and identify anomalies. We work with your pigging data to ensure we provide you with the most reliable and cost-effective solution.
Our highly skilled engineers determine the level of damage, from minor defects to catastrophic failure, and develop a custom remediation plan.

Pipeline Preparation and Access

Our dredging technologies remove debris and expose the damaged subsea pipeline. We use our extensive experience with coating removal, including concrete and fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), to ensure direct access to the pipeline’s base material.
Exposing the pipeline and removing the coating facilitates further visual inspection and increases the efficacy of subsea inspection.

Advanced Pipeline Inspection

We deploy advanced screening and assessment tools to evaluate subsea pipeline integrity. We combine our subsea and asset integrity expertise to screen miles of pipeline a day to locate anomalies.
We use detailed methods and subsea inspection technology to define anomaly characteristics, both internal and external to the pipeline.
Subsea Pipeline Inspection
  • Magna ScanTM subsea inspection system 
  • Neptune
  • Subsea digital radiography
  • Trident

Pipeline Repair Solutions

Our catalog of pipeline repair solutions has evolved to meet the demands of challenging applications and harsh, deepwater environments.

We offer cost-effective, turnkey pipeline repair solutions to ensure safe, timely flow assurance and maximum uptime. We are able to quickly deploy and install any of our suite of proprietary clamps, flanges, and taps from our industry-leading vessels, enabling faster turnaround.

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