Diver Installed Pipeline Systems

  • B-CON Misalignment Ball Connector


    The B-CON is designed for piping and pipeline systems where the connector must compensate for misalignment of the pipe.  The B-CON significantly reduces the time required to make subsea pipeline connections by providing a leak tight metal seal with performance characteristics and versatility that exceed those of welded pipe or conventional flanges.  While primarily intended […]

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  • Piggable Wye Fitting

    8-inch Class 900 Piggable Wye with Flanged Pipe Pups (Asymmetrical Design)

    Oceaneering’s Piggable Wye is a forged or cast fitting that joins pipelines and permits pigging from either inlet branch toward the single outlet. The fitting utilizes a 30º inclusive angle between the inlet bores, an industry accepted intersection for reliable passage of most common pipeline pigs. The Piggable Wye is available in two basic configurations, […]

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  • Pressure-Balanced Breakaway Joint

    Oceaneering’s Pressure-Balanced Breakaway Joint (PBBJ) is a connector that separates if an externally applied tension load exceeds a preset value.  Separation of the PBBJ at the predetermined load is independent of the pipeline internal pressure or external water depth pressure. The intentional separation of the joint prevents overloading and costly damage to structures to which […]

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  • Smart Clamp – Diver Installable

    24" ANSI Class 1500 Full Structural Smart Clamp with 3D Sealing Length

    Brochure Oceaneering’s Smart Clamp is a split mechanical fitting used to repair a damaged or leaking subsea pipeline. The fitting eliminates costly pipeline shut downs and expensive hyperbaric welding associated with other repair methods. The fitting is available in full structural and non-structural versions that provide pressure containment to the pipeline within the encapsulated area. […]

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  • Smart Flange Plus Connector

    Thousands of Smart Flange Plus Connectors have been installed worldwide in shallow to deepwater applications with some exceeding 5,000 fsw.  Oceaneering developed the unique mechanical end connectors for various offshore oil and gas application including: Pipeline Spool Piece Repairs Pipeline Reroutes Pipeline Abandonments Riser Repairs Structural Repairs Valve Installations Tee Installations The Smart Way To […]

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  • Smart Tap – Mechanical Hot Tap Fitting


    Oceaneering’s Smart Tap is a split mechanical hot tap fitting that provides a necessary flanged branch for hot tapping an existing subsea pipeline and tying-in a new lateral pipeline. The fitting eliminates costly pipeline shut downs and expensive hyperbaric welding. After tapping, the Smart Tap provides permanent high quality sealing integrity and structural reinforcement for […]

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  • Smart Vent Safety System

    Oceaneering’s Smart Vent Safety System is specifically designed to provide efficient riser repairs and to maximize the safety of workers.  The Smart Vent Safety System creates a safe work site by venting any hazardous vapors away from the workstation during pipe repairs. Repairs utilizing the Smart Vent Safety System can be executed without flooding or […]

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  • Swivel-Ring Flange

    Oceaneering’s Swivel-Ring Flange assembly provides easy alignment of the bolt holes during makeup to a common flange such as those defined by ASME B16.5, MSS SP-44 and API 6A. Alignment is an important and critical feature when bolting subsea pipeline flanges together.  The outer ring flange of the Swivel-Ring Flange assembly is held in position […]

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