Our Open-Water Coiled Tubing System is utilized as a high-volume conduit in riserless intervention applications. We offer both stand-alone coiled tubing packages, and complete work packages, including vessel, ROV, required tooling, and project management capabilities. As part of the well stimulation packaged solution, the Productivity Index (PI) of our customers' wells has increased up to 1250% (from a PI of 2 before treatment to 25 after treatment)

For the past 8+ years, our proven Open-Water Coiled Tubing System has been successfully utilized in multiple regions worldwide.

Open-Water Coiled Tubing completely redefines traditional coiled tubing requirements with regards to footprint, crew size, pre-engineering, and overall cost:

Reduces footprint by 25-40%
Decreases crew size by 60%
Fatigue monitoring system accurately calculates both low and high-cycle fatigue
Eliminates the majority of pre-job engineering which is traditionally required with injector-based systems
Up to 15k pressure (expected to be qualified to API 17G once released)
Designed for deployment via a MSV (as opposed to rig-based intervention) – any vessel of opportunity can be utilized

System Applications

  • Remediation (hydrate, paraffin, asphaltene)
  • Well stimulation
  • Pipeline & umbilical flushes
  • Light Well Intervention (LWI)
  • Plug & Abandonment (P&A)
  • Scale squeezes
  • Well kill
  • Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Abandonments
  • Well containment packages
  • Pigging
  • De-watering

Case Studies

Open Water Coiled Tubing System

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