Oceaneering Logo

The Oceaneering brand is associated with strength, quality and reliability. One of the key parts of maintaining that brand is consistant usage of the Oceaneering logo. Please read and follow the guidelines outlined below when using the Oceaneering logo:

Corporate and division logotypes

Reproductions of the logos must be sharp and free from distortion. All reproductions should be made only from the original artwork, from authorized copies (such as the reproduction proofs or electronic files provided by the company). Never use or copy logos from other printed materials.

Logo sizing

The minimum size for the logo on forms and printed material is 0.75″, as measured across. Smaller sizes should be avoided because legibility will be severely diminished. The proportions of the logo should be maintained if the logo is resized.

Logo colors

Wherever practical and appropriate, the mark should appear in Oceaneering Blue (PMS 540). The company or division name may also be printed in blue (in two-color printing, for example). When these color combinations are not available, logos (the mark and the company or division name) should be printed in black only or white (reverse) only. For most business forms, especially carbonless forms and forms used for internal distribution, logos should print in black only.

Background control

To present the logo as clearly as possible, the background on which it is displayed must be controlled to ensure proper contrast. The logo should stand alone and never be used as part of text or in combination with text, other logos or any other graphic elements.

In a positive application, the background should be white or a very light neutral color. If the background is dark, the logo should be reversed.

Incorrect logo treatment

The Oceaneering logo may not be altered. Their configuration or appearance cannot change. Examples of incorrect logo treatment are as follows.

  • Never reproduce a photograph within the logo.
  • Never change the size relationship of the corporate mark to the company or division name.
  • Never reproduce a pattern within the logo.
  • Never enclose the logo in a shape or place a distracting or competing graphic element next to it.
  • Never use logos in a sentence or headline.
  • Never alter the corporate or division name, or put text material (such as an address) close to the logo.
  • Never alter the letterforms of the company names or alter the space between the letterforms.
  • Never allow a logo to be distorted or out-of-focus.
  • Never use a competing mark, such as another brand logo or supplier logo, in close proximity to the corporate or division logo.
  • Following are examples of unacceptable use of color for the corporate and division logos.
  • Never reproduce logos in a percentage screen (lighter shade) of the corporate colors.
  • Never reproduce the corporate mark or company names in an unauthorized color.
  • Never reproduce the corporate mark in a screen of the background color.


Blue Oceaneering Logo – PNG | JPG | EPS | SVG
Black Oceaneering Logo –  JPG | EPS
White Oceaneering Logo – PNG | EPS