The Oceaneering Logo

The Oceaneering brand is associated with strength, quality and reliability. One of the key parts of maintaining that brand is consistent usage of the Oceaneering logo. Our logo is the backbone of our visual brand and the Oceaneering logo shown below is the only approved logo.


For legal purposes the ® registration mark is to be consistently maintained with the logo

Oceaneering-Logo-302C (2)

The blue logo (PMS 302 C) is the preferred logo and should be used on a white background whenever possible.


Oceaneering-Logo-White (2)

The white logo should be used on dark colored backgrounds to ensure optimal visibility.



The black logo is an optional logo and can be used on a white or light colored background.


Clear Space Guidelines

Maintaining a clean and uncluttered area around the logo maximizes the visual impact.
Clear space must be maintained when graphics, text, illustrations or imagery are utilized in conjunction with the registered logo.



H = Logo Height (include the Registered Trademark symbol)



Use the line of the “R” as a reference point for clear space on the left side of the logo.

Printed Media

MINIMUM LOGO SIZE on printed media is 0.75 inches long (19 mm).

Digital Media

MINIMUM LOGO SIZE in digital media is 100 pixels (px) wide. 


When the logo is placed on a photograph, it should be positioned on a clean and uncluttered area.



Examples of Correct Logo Usage in Printed Media






Example of Correct Logo Usage in Digital Media




Examples of Incorrect Logo Use


Do not use the blue logo on dark colored backgrounds.


Do not use the white logo on white or light colored backgrounds.


Do not place the logo next to distracting or competing graphics.

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