Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS)

Some photos courtesy U.S. Navy

If a SUBMISS/SUBSUNK message is sent, the world’s navies have to be ready to respond with rapidly deployable rescue systems. Oceaneering International, Inc. understands the complexity of submarine rescue systems (SRS) due to a long 20+ year involvement with U.S. Navy’s submarine rescue initiatives. The Oceaneering team of engineers, designers, marine systems operators and divers, all have either hyperbaric chamber, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), manned submersible, launch and recovery system, or commercial diving experience and know what it takes to make a submarine rescue system, safe, operationally reliable, and ultimately successful.

Oceaneering’s Submarine Rescue Background

Oceaneering’s history of success on challenging work in harsh environments led to our selection in 1992 to provide the U.S. Navy with several innovative Submarine Rescue concepts. Oceaneering’s million-plus man-hours of experience designing, building, operating and maintaining complex commercial subsea vehicles and diving systems allowed the company to develop the requirements and specifications for the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV) replacement system.

Initially the engineering team developed conceptual and detailed designs for a fly-away saturation diving rescue system. As the Navy’s requirements evolved, the system changed into a remotely operated rescue vehicle and a set of deck decompression chambers integrated with innovative transfer under pressure (TUP) technologies. Oceaneering continues to support the U.S. Navy’s submarine escape and rescue program as the SRS system engineering and integration agent.

Oceaneering Understands Submarine Rescue Requirements

Oceaneering’s experience in support of the U.S. Navy, MoD, and NATO programs has enabled the company to gain an unparalleled understanding of the full spectrum of submarine rescue requirements. This understanding and experience extends beyond stand alone hyperbaric chamber and rescue vehicle technologies but combines all SRS integration requirements for the US Navy. It includes a wide range of supporting operations and technologies including:

  • Vessel of opportunity operations, analyses, and selection criteria
  • SRS mobilization improvements, system integration and verification testing, and ongoing ILS Management
  • Search, tracking, and navigation/positioning systems
  • Vessel mooring and dynamic positioning systems
  • Intervention systems such as ROVs and Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS)
  • Participation in international rescue system operational exercises (Bold Monarch and Black Carillion)