The SpiderBOTTM Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) represents the smallest and most nimble ROV in Oceaneering’s fleet. Created to penetrate shipwrecks, this ROV has achieved recognition during exploration of the Titanic in 12,600 fsw and the Bismarck in 16,700 fsw. The success of each SpiderBOT ROV mission is immediately apparent as high-resolution images are sent back to the operator in real-time. SpiderBOT ROVs have also provided high-resolution imaging and sampling of unique fauna and flora during exploration of deep ocean thermal vents.

Rated to 20,000 fsw, the SpiderBOT ROV is unique due to its small size, maneuvering capabilities and novel onboard systems. The SpiderBOT ROV has demonstrated it is ideally suited for work considered too dangerous or inaccessible for divers, larger ROVs, or manned submersibles. Each SpiderBOT ROV is driven by a pressure-compensated lithium ion battery.

The SpiderBOT ROV carries an internal spool which holds a small-diameter 2500 foot expendable proprietary fiber-optic tether. This tether connects the SpiderBOT ROV to the pilot station on the host platform. The tether provides command and control signal to the SpiderBOT and returns real-time high-resolution video images and onboard health status feedback to the pilot. The SpiderBOT ROV is neutrally buoyant and has the ability to adjust buoyancy, yaw, and pitch in-situ based on the conditions encountered and weight changes due to payout of the fiber-optic tether.

Physical Specifications

  • Size (overall): 27 in. long x 15.5 in. wide x 17.5 in. tall
  • Weight in air: 120 lb
  • Weight in water: Neutral buoyancy


  • Two onboard video cameras:
    • One HI-RES 525 line NTSC programmable color with auto and servo-iris, control console command
    • One 420-line monochrome/IR NAV Cam
  • Tilt mechanism: Full 210º up/down tilt range
  • Pan capability: Panning left/right is done by yawing the ROV


  • Quartz halogen flood light: Full 210º up/down tilt range with camera
  • Quartz halogen spot light: Full 210º up/down tilt range with camera
  • LED array: Two Bright white LEDs (fixed)
  • Pan capability: Panning left/right for all lights is done by yawing the ROV