Oceaneering Technologies’ (OTECH) traditional business is developing and operating unique marine systems for military and commercial customers. OTECH performs a wide range of engineering services spanning Requirements Definition, Concepts of Operations, Design, Fabrication, Integration, Testing, and Operation. OTECH’s culture is to establish a shared set of expectations with its customers and then meet those expectations. OTECH works with its customers to understand their operational requirements and, based on that understanding, develops innovative and practical solutions to meet those requirements. OTECH innovates wherever practical rather than inventing; OTECH meets its customers’ unique requirements by innovative application of existing technologies and field-proven hardware components. OTECH is “faster to field” than others in its industry; the typical development/delivery cycle for complex mechanical, hydraulic, electrical systems is often completed in 12-15 months.

OTECH performs a wide range of engineering and offshore services. Its expertise is derived from years of hands-on experience and has been demonstrated on complex programs such as the US Navy’s Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System and the Office of Naval Research’s Seabasing Programs High Capacity Alongside Sea Base Sustainment Large Vessel Interface Lift On/Lift Off ONR Future Naval Capability (FNC) Program, Small to Large Vessel At-Sea Transfer Technologies ONR FNC, and Interface Ramp Technologies (IRT) ONR FNC. Technical capabilities span the entire engineering spectrum. These skills have been demonstrated in successfully delivered systems, including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs); Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs); saturation diving systems; surface and sub-surface vehicle launch and recovery systems; advanced offshore cranes; and life support system design, maintenance, and operation.