Installation Services

Oceaneering’s Oilfield Projects Group (OPG) contracts, manages, engineers, plans, and executes small to mid-size deepwater projects utilizing Oceaneering resources worldwide. OPG focuses on managing, scheduling, and operating Oceaneering’s fleet of Multi Service Vessels (MSVs) and Dive Support Vessels (DSVs).

Oceaneering’s Oilfield Projects Group consists of experienced turnkey Project Managers and Engineers, operating out of Oceaneering’s corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. The Oilfield Projects Group integrates project teams utilizing personnel from the various Oceaneering service lines as appropriate to the scope of work. Oceaneering and Fugro Chance have an alliance offering integrated ROV and Survey services to the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The integrated ROV/Survey service offers significant operational and deliverable product benefits, thereby saving time and money.


Oceaneering’s Oilfield Projects Group (OPG) performs installation, inspection, maintenance and repair services on subsea facilities, offshore platforms, rigs, subsea pipelines, production facilities, and subsea developments primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. Focusing on deepwater subsea installations and field developments utilizing our Multi Service Vessels (MSVs) the Oilfield Projects Group incorporates many of the different service lines within Oceaneering to create project specific teams that fulfill customer needs in the demanding deepwater oilfield market.

Diving Inspection and Wet Welding

OPG also provides skilled teams of certified divers, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and ROV pilots to perform manned diving, pipeline, repair, topside inspections, jumper installations, and testing services.


Oceaneering’s Oilfield Projects Group is continually providing a safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly solution for oil and gas energy companies, government agencies, and marine engineering and construction corporations. With our experience and applied technologies, we will keep providing our services to customers who operate in extreme marine environments.

Oceaneering’s Oilfield Projects Group (OPG) Capabilities:

  • Project management and engineering of deep subsea development projects
  • Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) of subsea facilities
  • Deepwater subsea tie-back installations and intervention
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of pull-tube (I & J) clamp systems
  • Subsea coiled tubing flowlines procurement and installation
  • Subsea flexible flowlines procurement and installation
  • Subsea umbilicals procurement and installation
  • Subsea Pipeline End Terminations (PLETS) procurement and installation
  • Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTA’s) procurement and installation
  • Planning, management, and execution of pigging & testing flowline programs
  • Conduct Deep-water Pipeline Hot Taps and Deep Tap Projects
  • Conduct deep-water diverless pipeline repairs utilizing ROV’s aboard vessels
  • Plug and Abandonment (P&A) of subsea trees and templates
  • Umbilical and pipeline system recovery
  • Manned sat-diving services required from multiservice intervention vessels
  • Subsea development surveys, salvages, LBL arrays, USBL arrays
  • Jumpers and flying lead installations
  • Strake installations to Tension Leg Platforms (TLP’s)
  • Hydrotesting and commissioning subsea field developments
  • Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) tie-ins
  • Choke and pod change-outs
  • Mattress installations and crossings of pipelines, flowlines, and umbilicals

Coiled Tubing Installation (DP-2 Stabilization)