Remotely Operated Connectors

The Grayloc® Remotely Operated Connector is a field-proven mechanical connector used in hazardous environments, personnel restricted areas and automated (batch-type) operations. Like the standard Grayloc® connector, the Remotely Operated Connector has metal-to-metal seal integrity.

Simple, reliable trunnion and screw mechanism
Single drive screw adaptable to different power drives
Self-supporting base plate
Retained seal ring
Can be manually operated


Design Technology

  • Metal-to-metal Grayloc® seal
  • Zero leak rate (10-6 atm cc/s Helium)
  • Quick disconnect, opens/closes in seconds
  • Compatible with hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric power units
  • Unitized design


  • Subsea oil and gas production
    • Rigid or flexible flowlines
    • Diver and/or remote operated vehicle (ROV) installation, testing, and retrieval
    • Field-proven in North Sea applications
  • Oil refineries (coking units)
    • Inlet feed line connector
    • Reliable assembly/disassembly every 18 - 24 hours
    • Remote control improves operational safety
  • Research and development
    • Quick opening closures for laboratory pressure vessels
    • Ideally suited for high pressure/high temperature testing
  • Nuclear fuels
    • Initially developed for mechanical joints handling radioactive materials
    • Isolated hot cell environments
    • Proven application for personnel safety
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