Quality Assurance

The Grayloc® Products Quality Assurance program in Houston complies with the ASME Section VIII Div. 1, 2 and 3 Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes. ASME Certificates of Authorization for ASME Section VIII Div. 1 ("U"),  2 ("U2") and 3 ("U3") are currently maintained.

Since the mid 1960's Grayloc Products began supplying equipment in accordance with ASME Section I - Power Boiler Code, ASME Section III - Nuclear Power Plant Components Code, and ASME Section VIII - Unfired Pressure Vessel Code.

ASME certification and quality systems for the design and manufacture have been continuously maintained. The ASME Quality Assurance system has been designed specifically for pressure containing equipment for which we specialize.

The Grayloc Products Quality Assurance program is audited by the HSB Intl. (Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company) and ASME as represented by the State of Texas.

The Grayloc Products Quality Management program in Aberdeen, Dubai and Canada complies with ISO 9001: 2008. Bureau Veritas Type Approval is also maintained for the Clamp Connector product line. Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) are maintained for all provinces in Canada. The quality programs above are based on the appropriate quality levels required by our customers in each region.

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