Compared to Flange Assembly

Compared to conventional ANSI or API ring joint flanges, the Grayloc® connector is significantly lighter and smaller. Diameter of the clamp is less than that of a flange. The length of the weldneck is also shorter than that of a comparable flange, further reducing weight and space.

The clamp may be rotated a full 360° around the hub to orient the bolts for most convenient tightening.

As opposed to flanges, Grayloc® connectors allow components, such as valves, to be installed with no regard to bolt hole alignment.

These four factors - smaller diameter, shorter length, freedom to rotate the clamp with no bolt hole alignment constraint provides an opportunity to design lightweight and compact systems. A reduction of more than 15 inches in length and 11 tons in the production unit for an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico was achieved using Grayloc® connectors.

The space and weight saving provided by a Grayloc® connector is only the beginning. The lighter, smaller Grayloc®-fitted structures can be supported by lighter, smaller platforms and supporting structures.

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