Grayloc Services

Engineering / Technical Support

  • Numerous in-house computer programs have been developed to provide sizing information, stress calculations, finite element analysis and product application assistance to customers on a timely basis.
  • We have engineers experienced in testing, materials application and stress analysis to assist customers with special applications.
  • The Grayloc® product line has been proven through over 50 years of pressure, temperature and load testing in a wide range of applications. This includes helium leak rate (10-6 atm cc/s Helium), vibration, bending, cryogenic, burst and high temperature testing.
  • Our Houston and Aberdeen Grayloc® manufacturing locations have access to all engineering drawings, specifications and standards through an online data management system.

Inventory / Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Grayloc® Products current inventory balance includes over $5 million of finished product and raw material to meet critical customer deliveries. This inventory is used frequently to supply connectors to customers during critical outages turnarounds, start-ups and commissioning.
  • The Grayloc® product line is manufactured in (2) locations: Houston, Texas, and Aberdeen, Scotland for worldwide customer support.
  • Grayloc® clamp connector sizes ranging from ½ in to 36 in are manufactured by a highly skilled and dedicated work force. Metal seals up to 72 in inside diameter have also been provided for flange and closure applications.
  • Grayloc® Products - Houston operates (3) eight hour manufacturing shifts to meet standard and expedited delivery requirements.

Project Management / Field Support

  • We routinely coordinate and provide OEM companies the machining details for interfacing their equipment with the specified Grayloc® hub profiles.
  • Field sales and service personnel are available to provide training, inspection, installation and on-site machining / supervisory services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Often, components are coordinated and separated for shipment to OEM equipment manufacturers, piping contractors and the project site. This project pricing is typically extended to all companies involved in the project
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