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The standard Grayloc® assembly has two hubs arranged for butt welding to pipe. However, a complete line of other piping components is available, including socket weld and threaded hubs. Heavy duty connectors for oilfield and other applications are also available. Other equipment manufacturers (valves, pumps, compressors, vessel, etc.) are licensed to machine Grayloc hub profile/ seats integral to their products. A complete line of fittings is available in the Grayloc design for all nominal pipe sizes and service conditions.

Typical products include:

  • Adapters (Crossovers)
  • Ball Joints
  • Clamp Connectors
  • Compact Flanges
  • Crosses, Elbows, Spools & Tees
  • Extreme Pressure Connectors
  • Insulated Connectors
  • Manways & Vessel Closures (Standard & Hinged)
  • Metal-to-Metal Seals
  • Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valves
  • Jacketed Connectors
  • Instrumentation including Orifice Connectors & Thermowells
  • Piping & Vessel Nozzles
  • ASME Code Pressure Vessels
  • Remotely Operated Connectors (includes Automated and Subsea)
  • Other Critical Service Connections including R-Con and E-Con product lines

For complete information on the advantages of using Grayloc connectors on your next project, contact your nearest Grayloc Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales Facility.