Flow Assurance

Oceaneering Deepwater Technical Solutions (DTS) offers hydrate remediation and well stimulation tools and services.


Flowline Remediation System

The MSV deployed Flowline Remediation System (FRS) is for hydrate remediation of large volume flowlines. The on-bottom mudmat based system includes subsea separation capabilities and features an emergency quick disconnect (EQD).


ROV Deployed Hydrate Remediation Skid

The Hydrate Remediation Skid (HRS) is ROV deployed and operated. The HRS depressurizes small volume production piping such as jumpers, wellheads, umbilicals, and chemical injection lines. Gauges show the upstream, downstream, and inhibitor inlet pressures in real time. Pressurized hydrate inhibitors can be routed through the production piping in either direction.


Well Stimulation Tools

Oceaneering DTS well stimulation tools are used to stimulate producing subsea wells at operating depths to 3,000 meters (10,000 fsw) without using a work-over rig and surface riser. Systems are deployed, operated, controlled, and retrieved from an MSV or rig. Fluid delivery is via a Dual Coil Tubing Reel (DCR) from the surface. Systems are API PSL 3 compliant, have a 10 BBL/minute flow rate at a 10,000 psi well bore pressure, and are EQD equipped.


Pressure Annulus Relief Tool

Oceaneering manufactures the Pressure Annulus Relief (PAR) for annular pressure mitigation and monitoring in high pressure, high temperature wells.



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Brochure: DTS Tooling

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