Entertainment Industry Awards

Rewarding excellence for the creation of compelling educational, historical, and entertainment projects, the Themed Entertainment Association’s (TEA's) prestigious Thea Awards reinforce the value of experience design and themed entertainment approaches to engaging people worldwide.

TEA Awards, Themed Entertainment Awards, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, tracked ride systems, tru-trackless ride systems
The annual awards recognize large and small accomplishments and outstanding achievements of projects that demonstrate the power that the creation of compelling places and experiences can have on the visitor experience.

We are honored to be recipients of Thea awards for our work on numerous themed entertainment projects.

Oceaneering THEA, THEA 2014, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems

Breakthrough Technology

REVOLUTION™ Tru-Trackless™ Ride System
Oceaneering Entertainment Systems (2014)

Oceaneering THEA, THEA 2013, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems

Transformers: The Ride 3D™

Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore (2013)
Ride and Show Systems

Oceaneering THEA, THEA 2008, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems

Shuttle Launch Experience®

Kennedy Space Center Florida (2008)
Ride Systems/Show Action Equipment/Special Effects
Simpsons, themed ride, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, TEA, awards

The Simpsons Ride™

Universal Studios (2009)
Scissors Lift Manual Lowering Circuit

Battle Stations 21, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, TEA, Awards, themed entertainment

Battle Stations 21™

U.S. Navy (2008)
Dynamic Mechanical Systems, Show Action
Equipment and Special Effects

Believe, TEA, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, Awards


SeaWorld (2007)
LED Screen Motion Equipment Design/Build/Control

Curse of Darkastle, themed ride, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, TEA, awards

Curse of DarKastle™

Busch Gardens Williamsburg (2006)
Ride Systems and Show Action Equipment

Revenge of the mummy, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, themed rides, special effects

Revenge of the Mummy®

Universal Orlando (2005)
Show Action Equipment and Special Effects