Deepwater Pile Dredge


The Deepwater Pile Dredge, 2015 OTC Spotlight on New Technology award winner, is an electrically-driven system with pumps that provide water jetting and suction to excavate piles at any depth. The jetting provides a 360° pattern to fluidize the soil inside the pile, and then suction pumps remove the soil from the pile.


Deepwater Pile Dredge Features

  • Rated up to 10,000 ft depth
  • Soil removal capacity up to 3,200 gpm
  • Jetting capacity up to 100 psi 1,700 gpm
  • Removes soil plugs from piles and discharges into the water column
  • Tool consists of: SHPU, main body, suction/jetting head
  • Electrically driven from topside via umbilical
  • Controlled and operated via topside control station


pdficon_large Deepwater pile dredge brochure


Technical Specifications:

Outer Diameter: 60 in (other sizes available)
Height: 336 in
Weight: 11,500 lb
Depth Rating: 10,000 ft
Power Requirements: 480 VAC
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