We are a leading provider of air, mixed gas, and saturation diving services for the oil and gas industry.

Specialized Diving Services

We own and operate specialized equipment used to perform a wide range of offshore platform structural repairs, inspection services, pipeline repairs and re-routes, grouting repairs, and specialized hyperbaric and wet welding. 

Our diving services also include non-asset work performed to meet various government and customer requirements.

Diving Support Vessels

We support diving operations with the world's premier remotely operated vehicle (ROV) fleet and one of the youngest diving support vessel (DSV) fleets in the Gulf of Mexico. Achieve your objectives more efficiently with our four-point and dynamically positioned (DP) air and saturation diving vessels.
DSV Ocean Quest, subsea welding, diving, U.S. Jones Act
DSV Ocean Inspector, subsea inspection, diving services
DSV Ocean Patriot, DP diving vessel, U.S. Jones Act

Ocean Quest

Our DSV Ocean Quest is a U.S.-flagged, Jones Act-compliant 150-ft by 36-ft (46-m by 11-m) four-point anchor dive vessel.

The vessel is outfitted with 30-person accommodations (nine accommodations for vessel crew members and 21 for offshore workers). It also has built-in diving and ancillary equipment, and is capable of supporting air and mixed-gas diving to 300 ft (91 m). Additionally, the vessel is equipped with two electric welding machines, a built-in tool compressor, and a built-in three-stage 6-by-6 diver jet pump.

Ocean Inspector

Built in 2004, the DSV Ocean Inspector is designed to support inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) work, and is ideally suited for the underwater inspection work required of Gulf of Mexico operators in water depths to 300 fsw (91 msw). The 130-ft (40-m), state-of-the-art DSV has built-in diving equipment, dive control, and decompression chambers that free ample deck space for safe working conditions and project-specific equipment.

Ocean Patriot

The DSV Ocean Patriot is the industry’s only U.S.-flagged, Jones Act-compliant DP vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico today. The 240-ft by 54-ft (73-m by 16-m) ABS-classed vessel provides a range of ROV support saturation diving services, for which it was recommissioned in December 2011.

Welding Services

Our certified welders perform construction and maintenance welding services including underwater wet and dry hyperbaric welding repairs. Our divers are also experienced in grouting, platform repairs, pipeline inspection and maintenance, and pipeline plug and abandonment.

Hyperbaric Rescue Facility

From Mimir Marine, a leading manufacturer and operator of hyperbaric reception facilities (HRFs), we have purchased a portable HRF in support of our saturation diving services. Our team based in Morgan City, La., currently operates this HRF system.

Industry Standards

To provide the highest level of customer confidence, in the Gulf of Mexico and worldwide, we can deploy equipment and divers that not only meet the standards of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADC), but that also meet all recognized industry standards and, of course, your own high standards.