Video Services

Oceaneering provides the most advanced live streaming video and archiving solutions available. If you need to view remote operations in real time, or store petabytes of data in a searchable, indexed video archive, Oceaneering can help.

Start with our ExSite explosion-proof video cameras, providing a hardened solution for the most rugged environments. Oceaneering provides the hardware, networking, and all communications services to install and backhaul video from even the most remote locations.

Video management is provided through the Oceaneering Video Vault™ (OV2). OV2 provides an integrated web-based portal for viewing and management of real-time streaming and historical archiving and review. Tag interest areas for subsequent analysis. View multiple streams in a unified display. Even deploy your individual video streams within your ESRI-based GIS common operating picture (COP).

Oceaneering also offers high-definition streaming capability with embedded GPS coordinates, Makito® and digital signage integration CoolSign® through our partnership with Haivision.

Oceaneering Video Services support:

  • ROV, vessel, and dockside operations
  • Drills and Incident Response
  • Enterprise video archiving
  • Encoding and Video Media Management

Learn how Oceaneering Video Services can help you improve your operations. Enhance safety and security, and even reduce labor. To discuss your specific video needs, fill out the contact form to the right, or call us now at 713-337-3737.