BOP Intervention

Oceaneering provides ROV tools for secondary Blowout Preventer (BOP) intervention. As regulations and restrictions on BOP cap and containment change, Oceaneering responds with new solutions for accessible subsea volume, routine testing and high-flow ROV interfaces.


High Flow Intervention Panels

When BOP intervention is required, the ROV interface is critical. Oceaneering BOP Intervention Panels, feature 17H High Flow manifolds and 1” Paddle Valves, are ROV-friendly and designed by the world leader in ROV technology.

BOP Intervention Skids

The Oceaneering ROV deployed Blowout Preventer (BOP) Intervention Skid provides a dedicated fluid supply for BOP function testing. The Skid’s compact modular design enhances ROV maneuverability.

Auxiliary Accumulator Systems

The Oceaneering Auxiliary High Pressure Accumulator System (Six Shooter) provides a modular, independent source of subsea accumulated volume that can be quickly accessed for emergency BOP intervention. The Six Shooter meets the minimum closing times required for API 53 regulations of 45 seconds or less.

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