Rigid Conduit Manifold (RCM)

The Rigid Conduit Manifold (RCM) provides the interface from both the blue and yellow rigid conduit lines as well as the hotline hose. The RCM is arranged to have a blue and yellow side with the corresponding rigid conduits feeding the appropriate side and the hotline feeding both.

The supply from a rigid conduit may be blocked at the RCM with the hotline signal at each side. The two sides are isolated from each other with a crossover valve.

Each side of the RCM has a connection to the corresponding POD and Hot Stab (to supply the BOP Stack Accumulators).

Using the various isolation, selection and crossover valves supply can be sent from both rigid conduits and the hotline to both PODs and Hot Stabs; from any single supply to both PODs and Hot Stabs, or segregated by side with yellow feeding yellow and blue feeding blue.

Rigid Conduit Manifold  


Rigid Conduit Manifold Functions

  • Provides a fully redundant and transposable hydraulic control fluid distribution point for the BOP Control System


Rigid Conduit Manifold Options

  • Fully customizable in regards to level of redundancy, footprint, and interconnectivity to your exacting specifications
  • Available in 5 KSI, 3 KSI, and 3 and 5 KSI configurations
  • Supports up to two rigid conduits and two dual hotlines
  • DNV and ABS certification available


Rigid Conduit Manifold Features

  • Freestanding or weld-on flexible manifold design can accommodate your footprint requirements and native system pressures, while making installation and maintenance easy
  • Manufactured in-house at our Houston, Texas facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steel valves, manifolds, and regulators that resist subsea corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Our Rigid Conduit Manifolds meet and/or exceed API 16D requirements. ABS and DNV certification is available, upon request.
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations


Technical Specifications
(Vary based on customer requirements and options)

(Variable) Overall Dimensions: 39” width x 28.9” height  x 16.18” depth
(Variable) Dry Weight: 377 lbs. (up to 503 lbs.)
Temperature Range: -10oF to +140oF
Supply Pressure: 5 KSI or 3 KSI
(Optional) Regulated Pressure: 4 KSI, 3 KSI, or Unregulated
Hydraulic Piping Interconnections: Vary per customer requirements and options



Major System Components
(Vary per customer requirements and options)

  • Manual Regulators (optional)
  • Control Fluid Filters
  • Low Interflow Shuttle Valves
  • SPM Valves
  • Valve Manifold
  • Mounting Frame


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