Reservoir Mixing Unit (RMU)

The Reservoir Mixing Unit (RMU) is a single skid mounted unit that supplies mixed hydraulic fluid to the Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU) for the safe and reliable operation of the BOP. It has variable ratio control and will operate continuously while demand is present.

The mixed product (hydraulic control fluid) is composed of three (3) independent fluids: potable water, hydraulic fluid concentrate, and ethylene glycol. The potable water is supplied from the rig and the glycol and concentrate fluids are stored in separate reservoirs on the RMU skid.

The unit includes a separate flow nozzle for each fluid and dedicated pumps for the glycol and concentrate fluids. Each pump and flow nozzle is sized to accommodate the defined flow rate of each fluid.

ReservoirMixingUnit (2)

The main frame is fully seam welded for maximum durability and strength and comes equipped with four (4) corner swivel hoist rings for safe handling. A stainless steel, sloped bottom drip pan with valved drains is also provided to catch and drain fluid “drips”. In addition, the RMU is supplied with all required suction strainers, isolation valves, and relief valves to operate the unit. All main skid structural components are coated with a three part marine epoxy paint system for added harsh environment protection.


Reservoir Mixing Unit Functions

  • Stores glycol, concentrate, and mixed hydraulic control fluid
  • Automatically mixes potable water, glycol, and concentrate as needed by the Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU)
  • Communicates and provides readbacks to the control system through the Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU)


Reservoir Mixing Unit Options

  • Custom designs available to suit your specific needs
  • (Optional) Biocidal UV light filter kit kills up to 99% of microorganisms and reduces the frequency of tank cleaning maintenance
  • DNV and ABS certification availiable


Reservoir Mixing Unit Features

  • Self contained, fully seam welded skid with accessible component design makes installation and maintenance fast and easy
  • Operates in manual or fully automatic modes for effortless control and operation
  • Manufactured, in-house, at our Houston, Texas Facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steel valves and piping that resist corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Our systems meet and/or exceed API 16D requirements. ABS and DNV Certification is available, upon request
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations


Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions (typical): (L) 238 in x (W) 80 in x (H) 93.5 in
Weight (Dry): 13,000lbs
Weight (with fluids): 41,000lbs
Temperature Range: -10oF to +140oF
Required Main Service Voltage: 460 VAC, 3 Phase, 30 Amp
Required Water Service: 75 gpm @ 60 psi
Mixed Fluid Capacity: 1,500 gallons
Glycol Capacity: 750 gallons
Concentrate Capacity: 500 gallons
Water Transfer Rate: 75 gpm
Recirculation Transfer Rate: 40 gpm
Glycol Transfer Rate: 7.5 gpm
Concentrate Transfer Rate: 40 gpm
Maximum Glycol Mix Ratio: Up to 60%
Maximum Concentrate Mix Ratio: Up to 10%



Major System Components
(Vary per Customer Requirements and Options)

  • Interface Panel
  • Recirculation Pump
  • Motor Starter Panel
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Concentrate Tank and Pump
  • Fluid Level Sensors
  • Glycol Tank and Pump
  • UV Filter Kit (optional)
  • Mixed Fluid Tank


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