Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) Systems

Oceaneering designs, manufactures, and tests in-house, state-of-the-art Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) Systems that help you to meet industry standards, improve environment safety, and increase BOP system up-time.


  • Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) Panel

    The DMAS Panel is the central hub component of the greater DMAS System. The Panel, when armed, automatically “closes-in” the well in the event of total loss of communication with the drilling rig or the BOP control system.

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  • Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) Trigger Valve Assembly

    The DMAS Trigger Valve Assembly is an optional component of the greater DMAS system. It works to automatically fire the DMAS Panel and close in the well in the instance of LRMP and BOP stack separation.

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  • Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) ROV Panels

    DMAS ROV Panels are an optional component of the greater DMAS system. They are bolt-on, panel based ROV-compatible interfaces for the DMAS system and, at times, the greater BOP stack.

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