Conventional Control Pods (56, 68, and 74 Functions)

Oceaneering Conventional Control Pods utilize field proven subassemblies and are built for a long, reliable service life while operating in harsh subsea environments. With an optional “Quick Response” configuration, the pod can be utilized in deepwater and with large control volume BOPs.

The pod interfaces to the Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) and the BOP Stack Female Receiver and has a Male Wedge Stab fitted with pressure energized Packer Seals for highly reliable and rugged make/break Hydraulic Connections.  
The Conventional Control Pod is an ergonomic, functional arrangement of hydraulic manifolds and seal-sub piping engineered to provide enhanced serviceability of the sub-plate mounted (SPM) valves and regulators allowing 15 minute mean time to repair (MTTR) after access. 
The valves are sized to meet the functional requirements of the current deepwater Blow Out Preventer, Valve Operators, and Connectors. The function count is highly configurable (56, 68, and 74 function line available) and as such, can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. All of our BOP Control Systems meet and/or exceed API 16D Specifications, and ABS/DNV certifications are available upon request.


Conventional Control POD Function

  • When paired (blue and yellow), provides a fully-redundant, hydraulic-only, point of distribution (POD) for the control of the BOP functions



Conventional Control POD Options

  • 56, 68, and 74 function line versions available
  • Optional “Quick Response” configuration available
  • Custom functionality count, valve size, pressure rating (3 KSI and 5 KSI) and hydraulic interconnectivity available to meet customer requirements
  • DNV and ABS certification available



Conventional Control POD Features

  • 4,500 feet of seawater (FSW) capable
  • 15 Minute Mean time to repair (MTTR) from time of access on all critical components
  • Fully modular and interchangeable design
  • Manufactured, in-house, at our Houston, Texas Facility with the highest quality contemporary stainless steel valves, manifolds, and regulators that resist corrosion and provide robust performance
  • Our systems meet and/or exceed API 16D requirements. ABS and DNV Certification is available, upon request
  • 7 days-a-week replacement parts customer support for “Rig-Down” situations



Technical Specifications 
(Vary based on customer requirements and options)

Approximate Dimensions: 56 Line: (H) 78.1” x (W) 49.56” x (D) 26.5 in
(excluding guide rails) 68 Line: (H) 101.7” x (W) 52.5” x (D) 32.5 in
  74 Line: (H) 78.1” x (W) 49.56” x (D) 36.5 in
Approximate Weight: 7,400 lbs to 11,800 lbs
Temperature Range: 32oF to 140oF
Hydraulic Pressure Rating: Up to 5 KSI
Hydraulic Piloted Regulator: 0 – 3,000 psi
Rated Depth 4,500 FSW



Major System Components
(Vary per customer requirements and options)

  • SPM Valves and Valve Bodies
  • Packer seal based stab manifold
  • Valve Manifolds
  • Guide Arms
  • Hydraulic Piloted Regulators
  • Regulator Circuit Accumulators


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